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The Story

Cambia Consulting is led by Lee Haber. Lee has a B. Eng. in Civil Engineering (2009), a M. A. Urban Planning from UBC (2015) and extensive work and research experience in the field of transportation. This knowledge combined with his experience in an entrepreneurial settling allows Cambia to see things others might miss.

Cambia’s expertise is not limited to transportation and urban planning. It also encompasses economics, taxation and geopolitics.

Lee also knows how to speak nine languages and contributes to Policy Thwonk, a Youtube channel that focuses on finding policy solutions to big problems.

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What Defines Our Work



It is so easy to just copy and paste what has worked in the past or worked for someone else. Creating breakthroughs requires inventiveness, combining diverse ideas in new, creative ways. Our creativity and extensive breadth of knowledge allow us to come up with truly novel solutions.



Actions speak louder than words. When it comes to serving you, our commitment is to honour our word. Every. Single. Time. We believe anything can be solved through honest and clear communication. Our consultants have been through existence personal development training.



Not all factors are equally influential. Developing effective solutions requires determining what really matters, finding the valuable signal out of the cloud of noise. Cambia will help you understand the 20% that makes 80% of the difference.



If you want to make change a reality, having the right solution is not enough. You need to compel people to support your ideas. Being compelling requires listening to your audience and understanding them well. Cambia will help understand your audience and communicate your ideas in a way that compels them to take action.

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